Our Purpose

It has been the way of the World that certain Powerful and Influential Nations have constantly oppressed and tried to dominate the people of the Smaller Nations using their larger size or influence to try and harass and pressure them into submission. They have created havoc in the region and made life difficult for the inhabitants of other countries just to satisfy their own desires. One such country is India which is using the increasing support from the more major terrorist supporting Nations like the USA who create global issues using great violence against Smaller Nations and leave the problems to be cleaned up by the locals leaving their country in ruin after using it as a battleground to sort out the Problems they create. The Terrorism and the Taliban who were created and funded by them are one such problem. The murder of 220000+ in Japan from Nuclear weapons and the 80000 Japanese suffering from radiation related diseases are another.

However not all hope is lost. The Smaller Nations especially of South Asia have never bowed down to this tyranny and have always resisted trying to ensure that they make their own choices and live their lives according to their own wishes. They have never bowed down to the wishes of India and have resisted time and time again so that they can prosper and create a harmonious society where freedom and peace are maintained. However this was unacceptable to the USA and India. They could not tolerate the fact that these people were so resilient and refused to come under their fist. As a result the 2 Worlds largest sponsors of Terrorism are supporting terrorist organizations involved in destabilizing these Nations and are constantly using State Sponsered terrorism to arm and support groups that are massacring innocent people within those Nations.

Worldsvoice is the voice of the people who have been oppressed and used by these Nations for their goals or are being destabilzed as punsihment for wishing to choose their own path. Worldsvoice is the Voice of those who have decided to take the initiative and take the information war to the same enemy that has always used its large size and influence to oppress the weak and support terrorism on their soil in order to try and dominate their lives making them fight senselessly amongst themselves. Today the only reason these Smaller Nations are suffering is because they refused to live as slaves.

Our purpose here is to expose the doings of these countries and tell the World of the atrocities being committed by these Nations and expose the terrorism they are financing and supporting. It must be remembered that it is very easy to term something as wild allegations or conspiracy theories without thinking. It is not hard to understand why a Nation that has supported Terrorists in Afghanistan in the past cannot support them now. The only reason we simply refuse to accept it is because it has been drilled into our head that the World is a certain way. The power of these countries medias has allowed the reality to be silenced. However this will happen no more.

To bring forward the voice of the World against the Terrorist Nations we have a variety of Writers on this Blog and we will also post articles here from other authors from all over the World exposing these Nations and their deeds.

Havi Zayed.


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