Sikhs stage anti-India protests in US

NEW YORK – Sikh-Americans on Friday staged big anti-India demonstrations across the United States to mark the 25th anniversary of the Indian Army attack on their holiest religious site – the Golden Temple in Amritsar. “India: Out of Khalistan” and “Who is terrorist? – Indian government” were their slogans at rallies staged in front of Indian consulates in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, according to reports received here. In Washington, a demonstration was planned for Saturday afternoon. In New York, Sardar Amarjit Singh, head of the Washington-based Khalistan Affairs Centre, led the demonstration in driving rain. Busloads of Sikhs from adjoining states of New Jersey and Connecticut joined the rally. They called for United Nations’ intervention to end what they called was India’s oppression of Sikhs. Meanwhile, The Washington Times Friday carried an advertisement, sponsored by American-Sikh Organisations and Gurdwaras, denounced the 1984 attack against Sikhism’s holiest shrine. “The ‘foundation-stone of Khalistan’ was indeed laid on that day as those wanton acts of state terrorism permanently hurt the psyche of 26 million Sikhs and ‘laid the foundation of an independent, democratic Sikh buffer state of Khalistan’ in the minds and hearts of most Sikhs,” it said. “Six months later, the June 1984 attack was followed by a state-supervised India-wide pogrom, in November 1984, during which nearly 10,000 innocent Sikhs were also put to death all over India, including New Delhi… As time goes by, the memory of the ghastly experiences, of June and November 1984, continue to convert the thinking of not only the old but the younger Sikh generation as well, that, Khalistan is the ultimate goal.


2 Responses to “Sikhs stage anti-India protests in US”

  1. india truly sucks… one and only sick country in the world… fuck u india

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